Patrick Mealey T. Blue Bird Doodles Poster

The Wiki Logo (A.K.A Patrick Mealey T. Blue Bird Doodle) is a doodle just like Google Doodle. The normal wiki logo has a Patrick Mealey T. Blue Bird logo which the font colour is blue, a light blue background and a Wiki text which is a normal logo. Other logos can be decorated with objects, colors and many more. The wiki logo represent events like holidays, anniversaries, or current events.


  • Normal - None.
  • Birthday - I wore a birthday hat and some confetti flys.
  • Olympics - Has the Olympic rings.
  • Events/Contests - Has Daneboe and Bobjenz.
  • Holidays - The holiday items can be seen.
  • Others - Has other items and objects.


Here are the list of logos that admins made using MS Paint (thinks it's easy to use).


Events/Current Events and ContestsEdit